Events Coverage

Terms and Conditions

Among the undersigned, the company and person who sign the proposal and place a service order, hereinafter referred to as THE CONTRACTEE, on the other hand, the company represented by the signatory who receives the service order, hereinafter referred to as THE CONTRACTOR, have entered into the contract which will be governed by the following clauses:

1. Contract Object: THE CONTRACTOR undertakes to provide the service of event photo and/or video coverage as stated on the agreement, the days of coverage, the scope of the project, and overall results pre production, production and postproduction as well as results will be as established on the agreement.

2. Raw Material: THE CONTRACTOR is responsible for the raw material to be used for the end results, stock footage or other shots could be added if needed.

3. Revisions: All change requests must be made according to the following procedures:

  • For Videos: One general revision and one minor revision are allowed for videos. Change requests for videos must be made through our application. Once all requests are made, THE CONTRACTEE must send a confirmation email to

    A general revision includes modifications and changes made in a single batch, excluding changes to music, colorization, or complete video changes due to unspecified tastes in writing, among others.

    A minor revision refers to small adjustments to the changes made during the general editing.

  • For Photos: THE CONTRACTEE can request one general change up to 8% of the total delivery. THE CONTRACTEE must request the link to upload the photos that require changes to our email Photos must be submitted in the quality and resolution specified by THE CONTRACTOR. Once the photos are uploaded to the application, THE CONTRACTEE must send a confirmation email to

4. Knowledge and Acceptance: By signing the contract, THE CONTRACTEE acknowledges having reviewed the results and types of edits offered by THE CONTRACTOR. They accept and expect similar results or those that were approved by THE CONTRACTOR.

5. Explicit Requests: Any explicit request from THE CONTRACTEE regarding their preferences for videos and photos must be communicated in writing to These preferences must be discussed during the final meeting prior to the start of the project.

6. Major Edits Due to Omissions: Major edits necessary due to omissions by THE CONTRACTEE in their tastes and preferences communicated in writing may incur an additional cost of up to 30% of the contract value.

7. Delivery Time: The delivery times for photographs and videos will be specified in the contract.

8. Contract Value: THE CONTRACTEE will pay THE CONTRACTOR the value established in the proposal presented and accepted by both parties.

9. Payment Method: Payments will be made according to the terms agreed upon in the proposal.

10. Penalty for Payment Default: In case of default in the timely payment of the contracted services, THE CONTRACTEE will pay THE CONTRACTOR an amount equivalent to 0.5% of the total value of the contract for each day of delay or the maximum allowed by law, whichever is higher. Timely payment will be supported by the invoice or bill created.

11. Obligations of THE CONTRACTEE: In addition to providing the raw material for editing, THE CONTRACTEE must collaborate with THE CONTRACTOR by providing the necessary information and materials for the execution of the service and make payments according to the agreed terms.

12. Force Majeure: THE CONTRACTOR and THE CONTRACTEE are exempt from liability for non-compliance with any of their obligations or for delay in the fulfillment of any of the services in their charge, when such non-compliance is a consequence or result of force majeure or fortuitous event, duly proven, under the terms of the United Staes of America law. This contract may be temporarily suspended in this case and may be restarted, by mutual agreement between the parties, once it is possible to continue the present contract.

13. Legal and Jurisdictional Regime: This contract will be subject to the civil and commercial rules inherent in its nature in United States of America. The competent judge to hear disputes will be the one of the ordinary criminal jurisdiction.

14. Dispute Resolution: Differences will be resolved through the contractual dispute resolution mechanisms provided for in United States law and through conciliation, amicable composition, and transaction.

15. Validity: This contract enters into force from the date of digital signature by both parties and will have a minimum duration according to the contract, automatically renewing for equal periods.

Both parties declare to have read and understood the clauses established here and accept their terms by digitally signing the established contract.

Rev E, published on May 1, 2024